Viola And Orchestral Covers

Live with Nymera

A lot of people seem to think that metal is nothing but 'a bunch of noise'. Of course, we know better!

There is so much beauty and complexity going on behind the wall of sound that some people just can't seem to get past. Along with acts like Apocalyptica and the growing collaborations between metal acts and orchestra like Metallica with the San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra, I hope to do my part in getting people to accept that classical, film music and metal are just not as far apart as most of them seem to think.

The covers on this page are a blend of all things I love about music. I use a lot of viola, different guitars, orchestral effects, ethnic percussion and all kinds of synthesizer sounds and sound design to get an epic, cinematic and atmospheric mood.

I hope it helps to convince some of your non metal friends to give metal a chance, or at least admit there is a lot more to this amazing music than most people seem to think.

Officially Released Covers

Bring Me To Life

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