Film Score Composer

It is always pleasant to work with Marc, He knows how to push a film to the next level with his music. I am surprised everytime when I add his score to project. And besides he is a nice person to work with! If you are looking for a good composer, contact Marc!

Robert Monster of Video Concepts

"Marc's music is both intriguing as well as emotionally provoking. His score for my film "Do Not Open" is what drives the entire mood of the thriller, and I can't visualize the film without Marc's music , or any other music for that matter."

Chris Barcia - Award Winning Director of Dark Mind Productions

"The soundtrack continues to, despite having listened to it countless times, give me goosebumps... which shows a lot of professionalism"

Tom van Immerseel

"Super fast with the delivery, knew exactly what I was looking for in a piece, very kind and understanding, and super easy to work with"

Rosemary Pierce - Sapphire Cuthulu Productions

"In conclusion, Marc's clear passion for scoring and music enabled him to work under considerable pressure yet provide weekly drafts of quality scoring. His attention to what was being asked of him was impressive and even more was his ability to add and adjust his own ideas into the gaps between specified details (which was more than you'd expect) which is a key and quality feature not every composer has."

Elliot Wallis - Head of the TNC Team

"From 2012 Marc v/d Meulen has been the composer for three of my movies, namely Destination reached; Baby Blues and Animaris Annabelis. These played on several amateur film festivals. The music of Marc has been explicitly praised by the jury.

It is pleasant to work with him. I mail the complete film to him with suggestions where music should be. As a complete layman I find it difficult to specify what kind of music I expected from him. Most of the time he made the good music immediately."

Else van Laere - Home Made Productions

Are you looking for a music composer for your movie? Whether you are looking for a complete score or would like me to write a song to contribute to the soundtrack, you've come to the right place!

There is so much a good soundtrack can do for a movie. Done right, music can help a film make a lasting impression. A sad violin tune underscoring a tragic turn of events, a dark theme for the villain or suspenseful strings to stress impending danger. Alternated by silence when music would be out of place. A soundtrack that helps make your story an experience to remember. Using custom sound design and recordings of viola and guitar to make sure your story will stand out from the crowd.

Experience has taught me that this is best achieved by working together from the start, instead of only asking your input when the score is already finished. As a composer, it gives me a better understanding of what you'd like your audience to feel, and what they need to feel at specific moments. Because let's face it, who knows better what story you want your film to tell then you?

Though I have created music for many genres I specialize in writing music for horror, thriller and fantasy movies. I like to use ambient and surreal sound effects when writing a soundtrack. Examples include a reversed piano note, people screaming with distortion or tuned down hammer strikes. If you're interested in knowing more about this you can watch the video, in which I explain a bit about how I turn everyday sounds into ambient effects. Using effects like these works especially well for genres like horror, thriller, fantasy and darker action movies, and really make them into something special.

Finally, I frequently get asked what my rates are for scoring a movie. To be honest, it is very hard to give an exact rate I charge for movie scoring simply because, as every composer will agree, no two films are the same. To give an indication, a film like Webbed, which lasts about twenty minutes and needed music for almost the entirety of the movie was done for €200,-. To get a more precise indication for your movie, please get in touch with me.

Ready to hear more? Scroll down to listen to and look at some of the work I've done for previous movies. Decided you'd like me to create the soundtrack to your next story? Contact info is available right here.

Looking for music that is already finished and ready to be used in your project? I'm also a composer at Audiojungle, through which you can license some pieces of music for your project royalty free. My Audiojungle portfolio is dedicated to horror and thriller music. So it's worth a look if you want ready made music for your horror or thriller movie or game, though in all honesty I always advice to work with a composer to create custom music. You can have a listen to my music there by clicking here


Do Not Open

by Dark Mind Productions
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Visakh Madhusoodanan Subha
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Stalking The Fields
Horror & Thriller

by Rosemary Pierce of
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Strike At Dawn:
Action Movie

by Tom van Immerseel
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Schoon Genoeg

by Team Exception
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Horror Game

by Cameron Baxter
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