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Sometimes the best things are the ones you've never heard of. Within the music industry there is a style of music showing its face across multiple genres. It is a style with many fans and artists but is at the moment still hiding in plain sight. It speaks especially to fans of rock and metal but is gaining fans outside of those scenes rapidly as well.

It started out in the world of film music, with artists like Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Alan Silvestri and Howard Shore. A dark style of music that combines the big sound of the orchestra and choirs with synthesizers, distorted guitars and many others. Though most people are familiar with the soundtrack of Inception and Lord of the Ring, not many people know that this style has moved beyond accompanying films.

As an element it is adopted by many genres. In metal it inspired symphonic metal like Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation and Kamelot. In rawstyle artists like Radical Redemption use cinematic elements and in pop music it is gaining momentum for tracks that accompany film, like Ciara's very dark and cinematic cover of Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones.

However, the music scene dedicated to this style is, for the moment, one of the best kept secrets of our time. Referred to mostly as epic music or fantasy music, with an abundance of fans, promotional channels and composers across YouTube and Soundcloud. A style with artists like Two Steps From Hell, Adrian von Ziegler, Antti Martikainen and Ivan Torrent, all with a large amount of followers.

This musical style is the main backdrop for CompendiuM. However, most music in this style is instrumental. When I first heard Children of the Sun by Thomas Bergersen and Merethe Soltvedt, an epic music song with vocals, I was sure of it! My aspiration is combining my take on this cinematic style with vocals. Luckily, the metal scene has a lot of very talented musicians and singers who are open minded enough to help me out with this project!

As working with different talented artists seems to make this project into an overview of upcoming singers within the rock and metal scene, the name CompendiuM, as a summary of a certain field, seemed to perfectly fit the part.

So there it is, CompendiuM is a cinematic music project with various guest vocalists, with both cinematic rearrangements of songs I really and original music. Besides orchestral elements you'll hear homemade synthesizer sounds, a lot of viola and guitar parts I played and recorded and sound design. Sometimes going as far as including reversed piano tones, distorted whispering effects and time-stretched industrial sounds. I can only hope you'll enjoy the music below half as much as I enjoyed working together with these amazing people.


Original Music

The Great Escape
Feat. Mylène van den Weijer


Skillet - Not Gonna Die
Feat. Victoria K

Breaking Benjamin - The Diary Of Jane
Feat. Alina Lesnik

Halestorm - I Am The Fire
Feat. Céline Le Vu

Cellar Darling - Avalanche
Feat. Claire-Lyse von Dach

Amaranthe - Hunger
Feat. Ellie Elizabeth Rosa